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E-M:/ THE CYNIC on Englers's Clean Corporate Slimeballs!!!

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

THE CYNIC is back with a real ENGLER ADMINISTRATION belly-laugh!!!

The John Engler-Russ Harding Clean Corporate Citizens
program is beginning to STINK!!!!   HA, HA!!!

Now comes Stone Container of Ontonagon with a CCC application
that MDEQ Poo-bah Russ Harding himself will deliberate upon by January 23rd.

Stone Container has a history of emitting  obnoxious, irritating
odors in Ontonagon  to which  the MDEQ Marquette District Office turned a 
blind eye (or plugged nose, to be more accurate).   Seems like they have
a weak spot up there in Marquette  for smelly industrial plants from too
much exposure
to Champion International and Mead Paper....  must be the neurotoxic effect
of hydrogen sulfide on the olfactory sensory organs of MDEQ Marquette staff.....

[I can just picture Russ now with his MDEQ hat on up there in Ontonogan
like a scene out of Apocalypse Now....."I love the smell of acetaldehyde
from a Clean Corporate Citizen in the morning on the Lake Superior

CCC status confers some of that good "deregulatory nookie" from MDEQ, 
like getting expanded permit waivers, expedited permitting, the company 
getting to draft the MDEQ staff report and a type of 
plant "bubble" emission limitation that allows sources to potentially 
escape regulatory requirements.

But what the heck...... what do you expect from a Governor who acts like
a stooge for the Heritage Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise
Institute and every "environmental relaxation wet dream" those guys
come up with???

Next it will probably be CCC for Mafia waste disposal companies.....

But first those MDEQ guys should take a look at EPCRA toxic release
inventory reporting  issues with on again, off again TRI reporting
of benzene and formaldehyde emissions from Stoned Container and their
failure to file reports for methanol and acetaldehyde air discharges prior
to 1991.

And hey, what can you say about a company
claiming air emissions of 106401 pounds of toxics in 1987 and 616627 pounds
in 1995???  I guess that's what those MDEQ TOP EXECUTIVE OFFICE
MANAGERS mean by pollution prevention and "innovative strategies" in 
"our mission is to drive improvements in environmental quality."

[Why this just gets the juices up in THE CYNIC to team up with 
some lawyers and go on a EPCRA TRI HUNT
armed with EPA Enviro-Facts emission inventory
and TRI data, the Harris Industrial Directory, EPCRA citizen suit provisions
and my favorite relational database management system......Those in 
the know "will get my drift"  if you will on Hunter S. Thompson/cyberpunk
to hunting for TRI toxic  reporting industrial screw-ups....]

And gee, is it really kosher for CCC status at sources not operating
the most up to date means of controlling toxic emissions???   I guess you 
can't expect too much from a dirty elderly pulp plant.

Clean Corporate Citizen???   Not in Montana where Stoned Container
was busted by EPA with allegations....

"..... that the Company exceeded
the 20% opacity limitation for recovery boiler emissions; failed to properly set
the span on a recovery boiler continuous emissions monitor; and concealed the
emission of an air contaminant by improperly venting non-condensible gasses."

....and where Montana citizens had to sue to obtain environmental compliance....

Not in Arizona, where the company was busted by EPA, or
in Florida where they were busted for groundwater and waste violations......

Hey, maybe its time for all of us to do the "MDEQ Clean Corporate LIMBO"...
HOW   LOW........
.......CAN  MDEQ  GO???   I'll bet John Engler can slither under the bar
when an ant would
otherwise bump its head.


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