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E-M:/ Race track noise

I'm Dave Smethurst from Gaylord.  Have been involved in Pigeon River and other environmental issues over the years. We are now gearing up for a little battle in our backyard.  A local race track developer wants to build a stock car track on the side of the Sturgeon River Valley.  Noise will echo up and down the valley for miles.  We have raised money for a legal battle if needed, but believe we can head it off without going to court.  We do deed data/documentation about the impact of race tracks on their neighbors in terms of noise and property values.  Did anybody collect that kind of info during the proposal for a race track at the State Fairgrounds in Detroit?  Or anywhere else? 
 We are teaming with Kieth Schneider and the Michigan Land Use Institue on this one.  Once this battle is done we hope to transition to the overall questions of land use and urban sprawl (if you can have that in the north country) in Otsego County, one of Michigan's fastest growing counties.  Maybe we need to coin a new word?  "Nowral" = northern sprawl.  Or, "Northern Spread".  Or ????  use your imagination.  We will try to make this a win/win thing for all concerned.
  Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcome.  Good to be in touch with all of you.  If I can be of help on anything, please e-mail.