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E-M:/ Race track noise

Hello out there!  I'm Dave Smethurst from Gaylord.  Have been involved in Pigeon River stuff for awhile and other environmental and conservation issues.  We need help.  A local guy wants to build a stock car race track on the banks of the Sturgeon River near town.  The sound will radiate up and down the valley. Although we have raised money for a court case, we believe we can win at the zoning board level.  We need data/documentation of the impacts of race track noise noise on neighbors and property values. Did anyone develop this kind of stuff when the race track at the State Fairgrounds, or anywhere else, was being developed? 
We hope to transition from this issue to the broader urban sprawl piece.  Can you have "urban" sprawl in a rural county?  Maybe we need a new word or phrase.  "Nowral" = northern sprawl.  Or "Northern Spreads."  Use you imagination.  We are joining with Kieth Schneider and the Michigan Land Use Institute on this one.
Good to be in touch with all of you.  If I can help, reach me a dsmeth@freeway.net