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E-M:/ U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak and Cement Kiln Dust Regulatory Rollback bill

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

>From the Enviro-Mich "something to be concerned about
other than Monica Lewinski" Department....

....comes the "buzz" from Washington DC about U.S. Congressman 
Bart Stupak.... from the Michigan Congressional District that
includes all of the Upper Peninsula and a substantial chunk of the
north Lower Peninsula......

Apparently Rep. Stupak is considering the introduction of a bill
that would exempt cement kiln dust, including such dust from the 
incineration of hazardous waste, from certain requirements of the
Resources Conservation and Recovery Act.

This type of legislation is being sought by groups such as the 
Cement Kiln Recycling (sic) Coalition (the guys who burn most
of the nation's hazardous waste in cement kilns), the Portland
Cement Association and Michigan's own Lafarge Corporation,
frequent environmental violator in Alpena MI.

Cement kiln dust contains substantial toxic metal contents, particularly
when a cement plant burns hazardous wastes containing such 
toxic metals.   Because of the caustic nature of such dust, 
EPA's leaching procedure methods for examining the hazard potential of wastes
do not adequately characterize the hazardous nature of cement 
kiln dust.   

The draft legislation being promoted by the cement industry
would eliminate permitting requirements and public participation
and disclosure provisions that would be in effect if cement 
kiln dust were regulated as a normal RCRA waste.   The draft
legislation would provide less rigorous enforcement, inspections
and corrective action requirements.

Cement kiln dust stored on the shore of Lake Huron by the prior
operator in Alpena, National Gypsum, has had a history of being 
washed into Thunder Bay.

Using a state equivalent to the process in the draft bill, MDEQ and
Lafarge, through  "sweetheart" lawsuit negotiations, were 
able to effectively obstruct citizen participation/public notice and 
intervention into issues associated with Lafarge's poor management
of cement kiln waste dust in Alpena MI.

The introduction of this kind of legislation would be a sharp departure
from Stupak's past record of concern about the environmental 
effects of waste disposal.   Stupak, for example, was part of the 
environmental coalition when he was in the Michigan House in 
efforts to do damage control on proposals to exempt municipal
waste incinerator ash from hazardous waste disposal requirements.

Citizens in Stupak's district should write and phone him asking that he 
not introduce the cement industry's waste exemption bill.....

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