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Second Saturday* Solar Seminars 

(* except where noted)

Free seminars and workshops are brought to you by the Great Lakes Renewable
Energy Association and Urban Options.  Space is limited. Call 888-999-MICH
to pre-register or E-mail us at uooffice@urbanoptions.org.  

Small Scale Solar Battery Charging	
February 14	Offered twice:  10-12 or 1-3pm
Introduces the topic of solar battery charging for batteries in radios,
tape players, flashlights and CD players.  Discusses how long a battery
must be recharged based on its size and helps select the appropriate size
solar module to do the job.  Non-rechargeable battery charging is also
discusses.  No prior knowledge of solar or electronics is assumed. 
Instructor:  Don Sheets

Hydrogen:  The Next Global Fuel Source 	
March 14  (1pm - 3pm)   
Rediscover processes used in nature to create abundant non-polluting
energy.  Discover secrets of fuel cells, now used in the Space shuttle and
the latest automotive advancements.  Review current research on fuel cells
and decide for yourself.... Will they transform our civilization? 
Instructor:  Eric Fogg.

Sterling Engines
* April 18   (10am - 12pm)
Stirling engines are a heat engine that operates off any heat source.  They
are quiet, reliable, non-polluting, and simple.  Learn the potential and
limitations of this wonderful power source.  Class will focus on how to
build, design, and test a Stirling engine.  Instructor:  Dominic Crea.

Fossil Fuel Depletion: The Next Energy Crisis? 
* April 18    (1pm - 3pm)
What do scientists, government, and industry say about reserves,
production, and use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas).  What do
these forecasts mean for our global economy and sustainable future? 
Instructor:  John Richter.

Everything Under the Sun:  Urban Options 20th Anniversrary Open House
* April 19  11am - 4pm
Cord-cutting ceremony for Michigan's 1st  (and one of the nation's largest)
solar electric shingle systems.  Energy and solar exhibits, tours,
children's activities, food, and solar-powered music.  Demonstrations from
several GLREA members!

Straw Bale Workshop
* April 25  (all day)  to be held on-site (not at Urban Options)
This class begins with a history of straw bale construction then moves to
economic of straw bale including durability and energy efficiency. 
Participants will discuss the different techniques used in the process and
apply this knowledge by installing straw bales on an existing structure. 
Call Eldon Howe @ 616-937-4825  for directions or more information.

The Benefits of Solar Panels for RVs	
May 9th  10am -12pm   Repeated from 1pm - 3pm
Introduces the RV owner to the benefits of solar modules for maintaining
battery systems, recharging battery systems and total solar independence
for RVs (recreational vehicles).  Efficient lighting and other energy
conservation topics are also discussed.  Inverters, charge regulators,
instrumentation, installation hardware and methods are all covered. 
Assumes no prior knowledge of solar or electricity.  Instructor:  Don

Solar Pool Heating
* May 16 (third Saturday)  10 am - 12pm
Discover the economics and other benefits of solar pool heating.  Learn how
to determine the appropriate size for a system.  No prior knowledge of
solar heating is assumed.  Ownership of a pool is not required. 
Instructor:  Mark Tuttle.

Solar Water Heating  
* May 16  (third Saturday)  1pm - 3 pm
Learn about the different types of solar water heaters including drainback
and closed loop systems.  Explore economics, return on investment, siting,
sizing, and benefits.  Instructor:  Dave Lankheet.

Wiring a Solar Electric System
June 13   10am - 4pm
This workshop reveals the process of wiring a solar photovoltaic electric
power system.  Participants will receive hands-on experience in
installation, design, and selection.  Instructor:  Don Sheets.

Please E-mail or call to pre-register.


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