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E-M:/ EPA Busts STONECO quarry in Ottawa Lake MI

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            For Immediate Release: January 26, 1998 

            No. 98-OPA020 


            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 has recently
            cited Stoneco, Inc., for alleged clean-air violations at the
            limestone quarry, 4715 West Sterns Rd., Ottawa Lake, MI. 

            Stoneco failed to notify the Michigan Department of Environmental
            Quality of expected and actual startup dates for three new stone
            conveyors. The company also failed to get a State permit to install
            and operate before it relocated and began operating a stone crusher.
            In addition, it also began operating the new conveyers in
violation of a
            State construction waiver, issued pursuant to State waiver

            Reporting and permitting regulations are needed so EPA and the
            States can ensure compliance with emission limits before facilities
            begin to operate. EPA said failure to comply with these clean-air
            regulations could expose the public to unknown health risks. 

            This is a preliminary finding of violations. To resolve the
            EPA may issue a compliance order, assess an administrative penalty,
            or bring suit against the company. The company has 30 days from
            receipt of the notice to request a meeting to discuss the alleged
            violations and how to resolve them. 

            "EPA is committed to enforcing clean-air regulations to protect
            health and the environment," said David Kee, director of the
            Air and Radiation Division. "We will take all necessary steps to
            ensure that companies comply with the Clean Air Act." 



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