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E-M:/ Anne and the Bond Issue

While I agree this is a "make-up" deal prompted by politics, we need to take what we can get.  Having said that, I hope that we could add money for recreation on state forest land.  The recent veto of Forest 2000  recreation legislation that took years to get too leave the Forest Management Division without the money to operate campgrounds, hiking and skiing trails, water trails, etc., the way they need to be managed.  Although the veto might have been correct given Rep.  Alley would to give snowmobile registration dollars to a "private" agency, it still leave the DNR hanging. They need help and we had a plan that virtually all users groups supported.  If a revised version of that doesn't pass, it would be nice to get a pittance from the bond money.
What's the take of the political experts on why the veto and it's future?
Dave Smethurst