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E-M:/ Trash Test!

Enviro-Mich message from sherry.hayden@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

This from the latest issue of The Muir View, The Wisconsin Sierra Club magazine:

Trash Trivia Test

Wooden pallets are widely used to ship products from manufacturers to 
wholesalers and then to retailers. Annually, about 150 million are made a year, 
and the recycling rate is about 20%. Most pallets are made from hardwoods. 

About what percent of hardwoods harvested in the US are used to make pallets?
    a. 5%
    b. 15%
    c. 25%
    d. 45%
The correct answer is d -- about 45% to 50% of all harvested hardwoods are used 
to make wood pallets, which are generally used just once. A fall 1997 report for 
the state of Wisconsin found that pallets are the fourth largest component of 
municipal solid waste on a weight basis.   author: reind@co.dane.wi.us

Members of my local Michigan Sierra Club Group frequently go "junking" through 
free pallets left at business curbsides. We recycle these pallets into really 
cool bat houses, bird feeders, etc. to raise modest funds for our conservation 
activities. But no matter how many bat houses we make, we can't help but feel 
disgusted at the blatant waste. 

Even if 45% is an exaggeration, as I'm sure timber industry lurkers on the list 
will claim, you know darn well the percentage is high. (And industry wonders why 
it increasingly commands diminishing respect from people?)

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