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E-M:/ Patrick Diehl criticism of Sagady's Engler criticism

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

At 02:06 PM 1/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Patrick Diehl <patmec@voyager.net>
>Alex Sagady:
>No one dislikes John Engler more than I do, for a myriad of reasons.  I
>think, however, that you do a significant disservice to not only the
>environmental community but to the larger community of folks involved with
>public policy formation when you resort to juvenile name-calling.  I am
>embarrassed to know someone who begins his e-mail postings with "fat-boy
>draft-dodging guv."  Impressive display of professionalism, Alex.
>Pat Diehl

Dear Pat:

....Sorry you feel this way....  but last time I checked so-called name
calling was 
still part and parcel of the rough and tumble of American politics and
both inside and outside the beltway.

If you doubt this, spend some time listening to Bill Maher on Politically
or some of the other late evening talk show hosts, take a look at the work
of political 
cartoonists Toles and/or Oliphant or even listen just once (once is enough) to
commentators like Rush Limbaugh or G. Gordon Liddy who regularly make 
environmentalists and regulators their targets.

Or, take a look at Engler's playbook in his CEI speech....

In Engler's  eyes environmental regulators and EPA engage in  "bureaucratic
science --
 BS as Warren used to call it."  

Engler describes those concerned about the environment as
"liberal fearmongers" and he reserves the phrase "environmental
extremists" for those in environmental organizations.....in saying this
he is drawing a bead on  you and me and all of the other organized
protectors of Michigan's
environment and resources.

So for Engler "what goes around, comes around" with his attitudes and 
publicly displayed vulnerabilities and culpabilities.....

What else can you say about a governor who quite literally wrecked a 50+
year tradition
in Michigan of volunteer governance of natural resources and environmental
protection and who destroyed Michigan's system of public participation and
in environmental/conservation decisions.

A governor....

....whose handpicked MDEQ director pushed through legislation to allow the
from the public of information on environmental violations and allowed civil
and criminal 
environmental violators to escape penalties over the objection of both
Michigan and 
federal prosecutors.

....who brokered a $90 million taxpayer throwaway "settlement" for the
Miller Brothers

....who pushes against and abdicates state environmental enforcement, thus
requiring U.S. EPA to 
enforce many of Michigan's environmental laws.

....who had to be sued to uphold environmental justice and the environmental
of the Michigan Constitution in the Genesee Power Case.

...who fought badly needed air pollution health protection standards "tooth
and nail"  at the federal level 

....who fights against Michigan taking responsibility for smog-producing
emissions causing 
problems downwind in other states and Canada

....who exercises little leadership among Great Lakes states on great lakes
pollution control
implementation, unlike his predescessors.

....who twiddled his thumbs on fish contamination public health issues.

....who proposes to cease concern about carcinogenic effects of certain air
pollutants and who 
seeks to relax rules that will allow more public exposure to toxic hazards
adjacent to industrial 

....who would allow Michigan to be a dumping ground for out of state waste
because an action
to prevent this would interfer with his "free market" approaches/ideologies
on environmental 

....who wants to abandon what his MDEQ director derisively calls "command
and control"
environmental regulation......which is precisely the type of regulations
that have allowed us
to make most of the progress we've made on environmental protection in the
last 30 years...
(you may be too young to remember, Pat, a time when the skies over much of
Wayne County
were orange every day, and people outside threw up on West Jefferson Ave.
next to Zug Island when
the wind blew in the wrong direction)

So, Pat, I'm not feeling particularly charitable to or respectful of "Big Jawn."

......all is fair in love and war.......

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