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E-M:/ More dumb Michigan legislators

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

This week we have been having fun when one of the truly scandalous actions of
the current administration in Lansing, MI has again come to light.  The
Nordhouse Dunes takings case was a disaster at every turn for Michigan's
environment, culminating with our Gov. secretly negotiating the final
settlement deal with some of the plaintiffs, who were major contributors to
the Republican Party and his campaigns. That deal, which took six weeks to get
approved by the Legislature, ultimately left the state virtually incapable of
protecting itself against takings claims and cost us almost $100 million in
tax money. The Gov has stated, again this week, that by being so close to the
plaintiffs he was able to negotiate a better deal for the state than if he
hadn't been good friends of theirs.  Right.

We have been keeping this story alive with some success, and this week a
Detroit TV affiliate has been running good investigative report on several
major controversies in this morass.  Part of the story touched on the fact the
state's own experts said that the amount ultimately paid out in settlement was
about 10 times higher than it should have been even if a taking had actually
occurred, a story we broke last year.

The TV station also ran a story about how one of legislators whose vote was
changed in the course of the debate, bringing about endorsement of this
stinking deal, appears to have received a contribution right around that
time of $8000 to his campaign from the same plaintiffs who were good friends
of the Gov.  Now comes the explanation for why this should not worry anyone:

In today's Saginaw News it was reported that Rep. Mike Goschka (R- Saginaw
County Brant) took 8 grand from the Miller brothers and shortly thereafter
changing his vote in support of the settlement. Of course Goschka stated, "I
told them (Millers) it was OK only if it wasn't in exchange for my vote".



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