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E-M:/ Student Rally for the Environment at University of Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

>Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 20:00:57 -0500 (EST)
>From: Trisha Beth Miller <tbm@umich.edu>
>X-Sender: tbm@stargate.rs.itd.umich.edu
>To: ej@umich.edu
>Subject: Rally for the Environment
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>WE WANT YOU to be a part of the Rally for the Environment, March 20th at
>noon on the diag.
>Join all participating organizations at the Environmental Clearinghouse
>WHEN?		This Thursday -  February 5th at 7pm 
>WHERE?		MSA Chambers (3rd Floor Union)
>WHO?		All Interested Student and Faculty Participants	
>All Rally participants are encouraged to set up an exhibit, an inspiring
>visual, and/or an information booth in the Diag for the Rally on March 20.
>The student groups, Environmental Theme Semester (and related) classes,
>and regional organizations can remain in the diag that afternoon to meet
>with students, distribute information, and present exhibit materials.
>We are requesting Michigan Environmental Council's President, Lana
>Pollack, as the keynote speaker for the Rally. The  Treetown singers will
>kick off the rally. Speakers and student presentations will continue from
>12-4 pm on the Diag.
>The Rally will be a chance for students to both unite behind key
>environmental issues and take the Environmental Pledge.
>Students and faculty will take the Environmental Pledge at the Rally as a
>symbol of a personal commitment to considering environmental issues
>and impacts in their daily lives.  
>E-mail Trisha Miller with any questions re: RALLY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT
>E-mail Allison Clements with questions re: TAKING THE ENVIRONMENTAL PLEDGE
>(at clements@umich.edu)
>****Please send a representative this Thursday to the 7pm  Environmental
>Clearinghouse Planning Meeting!**** 

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