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E-M:/ LCV National Environmental Scorecard Release

Enviro-Mich message from Lisa Wozniak <lcvmi@igc.apc.org>

PRESS RELEASE LOCAL CONTACT: Lisa Wozniak (313) 485-1162
Embargoed until February 3 NAT'L CONTACT: Lisa Wade, (202) 785-8683
10:00 a.m. EST

Michigan Congressional Delegation rates mediocre
on the environment.

[Detroit, Michigan]The League of Conservation Voters, along with the Mackinac
Chapter of the Sierra Club, Michigan Clean Water Action and representatives of
the Michigan Environmental Council and the West Michigan Environmental Action
Council, released ratings today for Michigan’s two U.S. Senators and U.S.
Representatives based on their votes on the key environmental legislation of

Sen. Levin received a 71% and Sen. Abraham received a 14% on the League of
Conservation Voters National Environmental Scorecard.  Michigan
scores ranged from 88% to 13%. A 100-percent score indicates the strongest
voting record in support of the environment, while a 0-percent score shows
consistent voting against environmental protection.

Michigan’s 1997 averages fell in both the House and the Senate when
compared to
the 104th Congress scores.  Most notable are the tremendous drops for some
Democratic leaders: Senator Levin’s score dropped 22 points; Reps. Levin and 
Barcia’s scores dropped 21 points, bringing Rep. Barcia’s score to 25%, one of
the lowest Democratic scores in the Midwest.  Most disappointing among the
Michigan delegation was Rep. Kildee’s score, which dropped 38 points to 50%,
the second most significant decline in the overall House.  Several Michigan
Republicans, however, raised their scores, most notably Representatives Ehlers
and Upton, both of whom received a score of 56%.  Representative Ehlers was
also the only Republican in Michigan not to co-sponsor the Klink “Dirty Air”

Compared with the rest of the Great Lakes region, the Michigan delegation’s
environmental voting record is mediocre at best.  Illinois, Minnesota and
Wisconsin out perform Michigan in both the House and the Senate.  Michigan’s
Senate average (43%) is below the national average (46%) and below the Midwest
regional average (48%).  However, Michigan’s House average (54%) outperforms
both the national House average (47%) and the Midwest average (39%) due to the
strong leadership of Reps. Conyers, Rivers and Stabenow.

“Citizens of Michigan who care about protecting our air, our water and our
natural resources should be pleased with the work of Reps. Conyers, Rivers and
Stabenow son behalf of the environment,” said Lisa Wozniak, Great Lakes
Regional Director of the League of Conservation Voters.  “Their high scores on
the National Environmental Scorecard is the result of their consistent
votes in
favor of environmental protection. We can only hope that Senator Levin, whose
score has dropped significantly during the 105th Congress, will get back on
track and begin voting as he did during the 104th.”

 “The leaders in Congress aren’t leading on the environment,” said LCV
President Deb Callahan. “In fact, every member of the Senate majority party
leadership team scored a “zero” on this year’s Scorecard.  In the House, the
Chairmen of the major committees that affect environmental issues jointly
earned a six percent.  With leaders like this, it’s no wonder we didn’t see
successful, far-reaching legislation initiated in Congress to protect our
natural resources or the health of our environment.”

The National Environmental Scorecard is compiled each year by the League of
Conservation Voters (LCV) and includes the most important votes on
environmental issues, as determined by 27 respected environmental and
conservation groups.  

The League of Conservation Voters is the bipartisan political voice for the
more than nine million members of environmental and conservation groups and
only organization working full-time to educate citizens about the
records of Members of Congress.  LCV has published the National Environmental
Scorecard for each Congress since 1970.

For copies of the Scorecard or more information, call the League of
Voters at (734) 485-1162 or (888) 744-VOTE.  Full Scorecard information is
available on the World Wide Web at http://www.lcv.org/.

Lisa Wozniak
Great Lakes Regional Director
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
1018 Congress Street
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
313-485-1182 fax

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