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E-M:/ Engler, Lafarge Corporation and Detroit Cement Plants

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Today John Engler was quoted in the Detroit News as saying in 
regard to the proposed environmental bond:

"What this means is no more cement plants down on Detroit's riverfront"

Sagady's translation of "Engler-think".......

We're going to take public taxpayer money and give it to Lafarge 
Corporation to leave their cement terminal upriver from the Ren Cen on 
the Riverfront;  and then we're going to take more taxpayer money
to clean up and prepare a site that some company walked away from
on the riverfront farther downriver to prepare it
so Lafarge can re-site it there.....

Smart betting money would be on...

....Keeler Brass site
....Detroit Coke site
....Wyandotte Chemical site, although Dennis Archer will probably want 
    to keep Lafarge in Detroit.

Maybe Lafarge will get to site it somewhere in one of the "enterprise zones"
so they can escape certain state and local taxes....

Meanwhile, back in Alpena,  Lafarge Corporation refuses to take responsibility
for the National Gypsum cement kiln dust pile that is washing into 
Thunder Bay.   More public money will undoubtedly go towards that problem and
the thousands of pounds of arsenic in that pile.

Cut to Washington DC.....

....Now comes Lafarge Corporation, the Cement Kiln Recycling (sic) Coalition
the Portland Cement Association trying to sweettalk Congressman Bart Stupak
deregulating cement kilns dust from the requirements of the Resource
and Recovery Act.   This after Lafarge illegally established a cement kiln dust 
landfill in their quarry in a location that would fill up with water were it
not for
pumping.....right in Stupak's district.  

Stupak seems to have some ambitions for
higher office....too bad he might just spoil his environmental credentials
by getting
mixed up with this foreign-owned environmental rogue company (Lafarge).

So while Lafarge Corporation and MDEQ circumvents public participation in 
dealing with their Alpena CKD problems, and while Lafarge discharges large
of suspended solids to Lake Huron in violation of their federal wastewater
discharge permit
for years with little effective enforcement from the Engler Administration.....

.....and with Lafarge now being cited for discharging PCBs to the Alpena 
municipal wastewater treatment system.....

.....now comes John Engler wanting to hand over your taxdollars to the 
Lafarge Corporation so that your money can go to Paris in the form of enhanced
Lafarge profits......   They get to plead poverty these days after being
massively busted for
price fixing and cement cartel activities over in Europe ($100 million
penalty combined 
against about 3 cement companies, including Lafarge). 

....pretty nifty setup, eh??

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