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>Hi Alex!  Please to forward to Enviro-Mich?  
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>>LANSING -- The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is
>>accepting applications to serve at Camp Vanderbilt Residential Center,
>>which will open its doors again this spring after being closed the last six
>>Camp Vanderbilt, a residential center for up to 50 members of the
>>Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps (MCCC), is located in the
>>Pigeon River Country State Forest.  It will serve as a home and
>>learning center for members who will work on DNR-related projects
>>throughout northern Michigan.
>>Michigan residents ages 18-25 are eligible to serve at the camp.
>>Interested applicants can contact Camp Director Dan Blough at 517-
>>983-2603, or send mail to Camp Vanderbilt, 8200 E. Sturgeon Valley
>>Road, Vanderbilt, MI 49795.
>>"Following in the footsteps of the CCC'ers of the 1930s, these young
>>men and women will continue the tradition of stewardship of our lands
>>while building a new life for themselves," said Blough.  "Members will
>>come away with the same pride and accomplishment from their year at
>>Camp Vanderbilt for achieving a solid work record, learning basic
>>employment skills, and making a lasting contribution of service to
>>In addition to a full work schedule each day, camp residents will be
>>offered education and training opportunities in the evening.  All
>>participants without a high school degree will be required to take GED
>>classes, Blough said.
>>While serving in the MCCC, they earn minimum wage at conservation-
>>related jobs for one year and are supervised by the DNR.
>>Members also earn an education award through Michigan's AmeriCorps
>>program while serving at the camp.  The amount of the award depends
>>on the amount of time they serve in the program, Blough said.  The
>>maximum amount of an education award is $4,725, and the funds can
>>be used toward existing education loans and future college or
>>vocational technical training.
>>"Serving at the camp is an excellent opportunity for young people to
>>earn and save money for college," Blough said.  "A member lives at the
>>camp for free so they can save part or all of their income.  On top of
>>that, they accumulate approximately $2.70 per hour in education
>>Blough said the program "strives to capture the spirit of the CCC
>>program generated more than a half-century ago.  It was a tremendous
>>success, which helped young people gain stamina, build character, and
>>prepare for the future.  We are confident Camp Vanderbilt will repeat
>>this success."
>>The facility was operated by the DNR from 1986 through 1991, but
>>was closed because of statewide budget cuts.  The Legislature restored
>>funding last year.
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