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E-M:/ New $500 Scholarship to Study Environmental Journalism

Enviro-Mich message from Jim Detjen <detjen@pilot.msu.edu>

	Michigan State University To Offer $500 Scholarship
	to High School Students Interested in Careers in
	Environmental and Science Journalism

	High school students interested in studying environmental and
science journalism are eligible for a new $500 scholarship that will be
given each year by the Environmental Journalism Program at Michigan State
	Students from anywhere in the United States are eligible to apply
for the scholarship, which will be given annually to an outstanding high
school senior.  The winner will be given a plaque and a $500 scholarship to
attend Michigan State University to study environmental and science
	Applications must be postmarked by March 2, 1998 to be eligible for
this scholarship.
	In addition to the plaque and $500 scholarship, the winner will be:
	*  Invited to participate in the Michigan Interscholastic Press
Association dinner and spring conference to be held at MSU's Breslin Center
on April 21 and 22, 1998.
	*  Invited to attend the Great Lakes Environmental Journalism
Training Institute that will be held June 2 to 6, 1998 at Michigan State
	"It is my hope that this new scholarship will encourage some of the
brightest and most talented high school journalism students to attend
Michigan State University to study environmental and science journalism,"
said Jim Detjen, director of MSU's Environmental Journalism Program and the
holder of the Knight Chair in Journalism. "There is a vital need to educate
future journalists  to fairly and accurately  write about complex
environmental and scientific subjects."
	The Michigan State University Environmental Journalism Program was
established in 1994 with a $1 million grant  from the  John S. and James L.
Knight Foundation. Detjen, an award-winning reporter for The Philadelphia
Inquirer, was hired by the university to establish the program.
	Students at MSU can earn bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees in
journalism and the mass media with a focus on environmental issues.  MSU's
Environmental Journalism Program is also involved in a wide range of other
research and outreach projects including:
	* An annual week-long Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training
Institute that is held each spring for 25 journalists from the eight states
surrounding the Great Lakes and Ontario, Canada. The deadline for applying
is March 16, 1998.
	* The production of more than 20 videotapes on environmental
topics, which are taught by environmental scientists, government experts
and award-winning journalists. These videotapes are sold by the EJ program.
	* The Meeman Archives, the nation's best collection of
environmental journalism in daily newspapers, was moved to Michigan State
University from the University of Michigan in the spring of 1997.
	 * The publication of the EJ News, a newsletter of the
environmental journalism program; a world wide web site
(http://www.journalism.msu.edu/environment/ ); and other resource materials
for environmental journalists.
	 * The  North American office of the International Federation of
Environmental Journalists, a nonprofit organization that  links together
environmental journalists from around the globe, is based at MSU's
Environmental Journalism Program.
	Michigan State University is the nation's pioneer land grant
university and one of the largest American universities. On a scenic
5,000-acre campus in East  Lansing, Michigan, the university's 4,000
faculty and staff members educate more than 42,000 students each year. MSU
offers the nation's largest overseas study program  at any university and
is one of the nation's leading research universities on environmental
topics. MSU's journalism school is one of the largest and oldest journalism
programs in the nation.
	High school teachers, administrators or students interested in
applying for the MSU Environmental Journalism Scholarship  can obtain
information about the new scholarship by contacting Barb Miller at the
Environmental Journalism Program, School of Journalism, Michigan State
University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1212; by calling 517-432-1415;  or
sending an e-mail message  to Mille384@pilot.msu.edu.
	Students interested in applying should submit a typed letter
outlining their career plans and why he or she is interested in a career in
environmental or science journalism. They should also include four to six
examples of published work; recommendations from advisers, administrators
and co-workers; a list of activities and achievements in scholastic
journalism; and a completed application form.
	All applications must be postmarked by March 2, 1998. The winners
will be announced on April 22, 1998.

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Director, Environmental Journalism Program
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