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Enviro-Mich message from Scott Heinzman <sheinzman@prodigy.net>

Alex and enviro-mich readers;

Many organizations at the national level are sounding the alarm about
this Multilateral Agreement on Investment. The Alliance for Democracy
(AfD), started by progressive journalist Ronnie Duggar, is a group
specifically dedicated to greatly reducing corporate power because it
undermines the democratic process.

A Detroit AfD chapter was formed in January. Our next meeting will be in
Ferndale at 2pm on 2/21 at Xhedos Cafe on 9 Mile Rd. This new group will
likely tackle MAI and its impact on our area.

I'll a couple of items that may be useful.

As I understand it, MAI would allow "investors" to go about their
business unhampered by local regulations (for example, environmental
standards, local labor preferrences) that are stricter than the
agreement allows. Local laws that are construed to restrict businesses
ability to maximize their returns can be ignored due to the treaty or
the investor can sue for lost revenues - something like a global takings
- if the local governent chooses to enforce their regs.

MAI is being touted as a global corporate constitution. I view it with
extreme suspicion. All of us need to understand this beast and either
tame it or kill it.


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