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E-M:/ Engler's environmental record

Enviro-Mich message from Scott Heinzman <sheinzman@prodigy.net>

Many enviro-mich readers have expressed their dissatisfaction over the
Engler administration's environmental record. I am making it my business
to compile a chronilogical account of this record for the purpose of
exposing Engler and providing a resource for voters. Further, I'd like
to organize a press conference or series of conferences to get this
message widely distributed.

If you would like to contribute, please let me know. I'd like every
enviro-mich reader to post any environmental accomplishments or
travesties attributable to the Engler administration.

A quick look just to get the juices flowing:

-spinning off the DEQ from the DNR thus eliminating the approval of
environmental permit reviews by the Natural Resources Commission - a
constitutionally mandated body designed to provide public oversight.

-fish advisories, the refusal to implement them

-Nordhouse Dunes, $90 million to compensate a developer for allegedly
lost income because the development was denied due to environmental
regulations. The governor pushed the compensation despite the fact his
own people felt the value of the deal was far less than $90 million. Now
an horrendous precedent has been sent to where the DEQ had to back off
the Minden bog issue and turn it over to the EPA for fear of having to
make a massive payoff to Michigan Peat.

-gutting the Polluter Pay Law

-huge staff reductions in the area of enforcement of environmental laws
and for inspections

-the environmental audit privilege law

-attempts to sell public lands

-lack of leadership in the area of nuclear power/waste

These are a few. Send more. Give facts. Referrence good sources for more
specific information.

And don't forget to include successful initiatives. The more balanced
this is, the more powerful it will be. Think about our roads. While the
state has come up on the short side of federal funds and while most of
our highways and many bridges are in terrible condition due to neglect,
Engler is out taking bows for replacing the Davison Freeway, less than 2
miles of pavement!


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