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E-M:/ Jordan River Valley Scam

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

In an article in the Feb 11 North Woods Call, Glen Sheppard reports that the
announcements last month that a deal had been struck to protect the Jordan
River Valley by swapping mineral rights was a scam.  Evidently, instead of
getting mineral rights inholdings under state owned lands in the sensitive JRV
area, the 1200 acre swap of private rights for state rights actually means the
state ends up with rights under private lands west of the state owned lands,
that wells have already been developed in that area, and that the owners of
those wells will continue to drain the oil and gas from those rights without
any additional compensation to the state.  Meanwhile, the state's rights being
traded away are undeveloped, are also under private lands, which means that
the private surface owners will have gained nothing from the trade.  Efforts
by Hans Voss of Mich. Land Use Institute to hold up the swap were fruitless as
the trade took place with no public review.  

Again, the Gov's press minions pulled a big one over the public -- by leaking
this deal to George Weeks of the Detroit News, the story ran prior to the
State of the State, evidently without the fact checking that would have shown
it up to be a misrepresentation.  Got to give them credit for chutzpah -- get
the front page coverage of the story that isn't true -- if the corrections
run, they undoubtedly will be well inside the pages of the paper.

Anne Woiwode

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