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Enviro-Mich message from Harold Stokes <hstokes@geocities.com>


I was hoping that you would be picking up on this.  The Multilateral
Agreement on Investments (MAI), in my mind is the most diabolical agreement
that any nation can sign onto.  If the world's leading nations sign on to
it, it will place those nations and eventually most if not all other
nations under the control of the ultra-rich multinational investors.

Many groups, finally, are now concerned about the control of corporations
over our lives and government and crying about it.  The vast majority of
them don't know anything about MAI and are overwhelmed by it, if they do
know something about it, they avoid it or just talk about it.  If MAI is
not effectively addressed, it spells doom for democracy and the rapid
decline of living standards for the vast majority of people throughout the
world.  Public Citizen, Citizens for Tax Justice, Programs on Corporations,
Law and Democracy, The Environmental Research Foundation (Rachel's
Environmental & Health Weekly), The Sierra Club, Earth First and numerous
other organizations keep bringing up the problem of the very rich
corporations control of most of the media and much of what we are able to
do.  This is certainly informative but it needs to be followed by direct
action.  AfD believes that we need to build a movement to take direct
action and to ally together to obtain justice and democracy.

There is one organization in Michigan that is directly focused on the MAI
issue and the problem of the ultra-rich corporate leaders to dominate our
lives and to obtain a real democracy of, by and for the people.  It is a
new chapter of The Alliance for Democracy (AfD) in the Detroit area.  It
was formed last January 24.  The national AfD was given birth from an
article, "A Call to Citizens:  Will the Real Populists Please Stand Up,"
that appeared in The Nation magazine in August 1995.  There are now over 50
chapters of AfD.

The next meeting of the Detroit chapter of the AfD will take place on
February 21 at 2 p.m. at Xhedos Cafe at 240 W. Nine Mile Rd. in Ferndale.
Dugger, the founder and codirector of the AfD, will be coming to Michigan
on May 8, 9 and 10 to address corporate control and to obtain a real

In regards to Senator Carl Levin's position I had a call from his office
inquiring what my position was on MAI.  He is open to our response and has
not taken a position on MAI as of February 9.  I was told by his
legislative assistant, Kathryn L. Weiner, that he voted "no" on giving
President Clinton fast track authority.  She was very helpful in supplying
me with a packet of material covering The Organization for Economic
Co-operation and Development (OECD) which is currently negotiating with 29
nations to adopt the MAI.  She also sent information on the World Trade
Organization (WTO), and a CRS Issue Brief for Congress 96038: U.S.
International Trade: Data and Forecasts (Updated Jan, 23, 1998.

Anyone desiring more information about AfD please contact Scott Heinzman
(734) 462-2423, Dr. Mike Whitty (248) 594-7596, or me (313) 53-EARTH or by


>Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com
>Is anyone/any organization in Michigan organizing opposition locally in our
>to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment; or has anyone
>produced a Michigan-specific analysis of this international
>agreement, which has been called "NAFTA ON STEROIDS?"
>If so, please post information concerning Michigan activities/analysis
>on this important issue.   My limited understanding is that
>this proposed trade agreement usurps state and local control in attempts
>to regulate multinational corporations and would require tax dollars
>to be paid to companies whose assets lose value as a result
>of environmental, labor, or health/safety  regulation.
>Have Senators Carl Levin and Spencer Abraham taken a position
>on this proposed trade treaty??
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Postings to:  enviro-mich@great-lakes.net      For info, send email to
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