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E-M:/ re: E-M: new energy efficiency code proposed

It is nice to dream of free market forces working efficiently in the energy arena. Unfortunately, subsidies, lobbyists, and powerful entities with vested interests have manipulated and controlled the market in all areas to such an extent that it is distorted beyond any recognition of a "natural"or free system.  Some examples that readily come to mind are the nuclear power industry  which was all but destroyed by it's own focus on the external economic and technological influence of the nuclear weapon industry     and the auto industry which has been dragged kicking and screaming into building the higher efficiency and better performing and safer cars which it repeatedly has claimed were impossible to build, and then has proceeded to build when standards were raised and when foreign competition has practically stolen the market.  Where would the Big Three be now if they had LISTENED to the folks who argued that gas wasn't always going to cost a quarter a gallon, and that people wouldn't want to drive cars when they couldn't breath their air because of them?  A ten to twenty year jump on the market, instead of a ten to twenty year slip, would have been an incredible market advantage.  (But did they learn? NOOOOOOO!)    
 Absurdly artificially cheap energy in the US has distorted  the market so much that we waste unbelievable amounts of it, in spite of the many opportunities to be more efficient AND more comfortable and with less long term environmental degradation!  
I don't think standards should dictate how many windows a guy should have... but window manufacturers should be required to make GOOD windows that save energy so we can have our cake and eat it too!  And home builders should be required to make even low cost homes well insulated so they pay back their additional cost and return on investment faster than a 1998 mutual fund. 
I fear that the "next energy crisis" is being delayed artificially for so long that when it breaks its bonds, we will have a hard time recovering from the backlash. 
Free market only works if information and resources are equitably distributed. 
Incidentally, I would argue that the free availability of information is the greatest force for good in this century... and that knowledge is more powerful than money, in the long run.  People WILL do the right thing if they know the facts.

Unfortunately, those in power tend to distort the truth to remain in power when natural or market forces would remove them.  Fortunately,  environmentalists are learning fast how to see the lies, find out and reveal the truth and play the regulation and standards game which was created long before we were forced to use it. 
"The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance"  and, I would add, eternal activism.
Jim (who is writing this before work) Fackert 
(his self, no big megaenvironmental action group supporting this writing!)