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E-M:/ Correction Rouge Steel Notice

Enviro-Mich message from Marian Schultz <MLSchultz@worldnet.att.net>

My apologies,

The Consent Order hearing is at 7:00 not 6:00 for public comment on  the 
consent order between Wayne County Dept. of Air Quality and Rouge Steel. 
Nor did my attachment go through. The following are the key talking 
points we are concerned about:

1. In view of Rouge Steel's past history (we are taking a large pile of 
violation notices to the hearing) we would like the emissions monitoring 
information generated to be reviewed on a weely basis, by an independent 
party/consultant/entity, for a minimum period of one year. We believe 
that the company should defray any expenses related to this independent 
review process.

2. The Supplemental Environmental Program described in the order 
suggests a process of recycling which will actually increase air 
emissions. Such a "voluntary effort" actually bypasses the "New 
Installation Permit" requirements that such an enterprise actually calls 
for. We fail to see how the installation of this new process qualifies 
as a condition of a Consent Order.

3. The Consent Order should, but does not, address the problem of Kish, 
long cited by area residents. The company claims that nothing can be 
done and points to National Steel as actually producing most of the 
kish. However, in fact National Steel has installed technology to reduce 
kish, meaning that such technology is available and requiring it should 
be part of the Consent Order.

4. In view of these concerns we ask that the County postphone approval 
of this Consent Order until such time as these and other citizen 
concerns can be addressed, negotiated and incorporated into this Consent 

Any letter writing that you can do will be greatly appreciated. Please 
fax your letters to SDEV at 313 842-1961.

Thanks again

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