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E-M:/ Exposing Funding Sources

Enviro-Mich message from Norm <mikaj@up.lib.mi.us>

To Jerrod M.

I commend you on your possible investigation of the funding sources of
environmental "busybodies" as outlined in your 2/24 posting. I'm sure it
will prove interesting.

While you're in your investigative mode, please be sure to see if you can
also identify the funding sources of organizations like the Oregon Institute
of Science & Medicine, the Science & Environmental Policy Project, the
Population Research Institute, and the myriad of other regular "scientific"
contributors to the editorial pages of that bible of free markets, the Wall
Street Journal. 

If the funding sources of the latter group are more ominous than the former
group, in terms of personal rather than community benefit, will you
reconsider your stance? I didn't think so. Let us know the results. 

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