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E-M:/ Phase II Storm Water Regs

Enviro-Mich message from Ted Starbuck <STARBUCK@semcog.org>

A public hearing on the NPDES Storm Water Phase II Proposed Rule is
scheduled for:

Monday, March 2, 1998
1:00 to 4:00 pm
Room 331
77 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, Il

For more information on the public hearing, call Peter Swenson at 
(312) 886-0236.

The following summary of the proposed rule was "borrowed" from the
NPSINFO list serve.

EPA Proposes Extending the NPDES Storm Water Permit Program to
Smaller Municipalities and Construction Sites

by John A. Kosco, P.E.
EPA-Office of Water

On January 9, 1998 EPA published in the Federal Register "Proposed
Regulations for Revision of the Water Pollution Control Program
Addressing Storm Water Discharges", or commonly referred to as the
NPDES Storm Water Phase II proposed rule.  EPA is requesting comments
on this proposed rule until April 9, 1998.  The proposal designates two
classes of facilities for automatic coverage on a nationwide basis under
the NPDES program.

 - small municipal separate storm sewer systems (pollutants
 include sediment, floatables, oil and grease, as well as
 other pollutants from illicit discharges) located in
 urbanized areas (about 3,500 municipalities would be
 included in the program); and

 - construction activities (pollutants include sediments and
 erosion from these sites) that disturb equal to or greater
 than one and less than five acres of land (about 110,000
 sites per year will be included in the program).

Those facilities designated above would need to apply for
NPDES storm water permits in 2002.  EPA is anticipating that most
permittee's would be covered under general permits.

EPA is also proposing to conditionally exclude from the NPDES storm
water program, Phase I facilities that have "no exposure" of industrial
activities, such as industrial products, processes, or raw materials, to
storm water, thereby reducing application of the program to many
industrial activities currently covered by the program that have no
industrial storm water discharges.

EPA developed the proposal with extensive outreach and stakeholder
involvement.  Valuable input was received from representatives from a
cross section of interested stakeholders including members of a
subcommittee under the Urban Wet Weather Federal Advisory
Committee, including State, Tribal, municipal, industrial, environmental
representatives, and small entities under the Small Business Regulatory
Enforcement Fairness Act (SBREFA).   EPA also convened a Small
Business Advocacy Review Panel to evaluate and minimize the potential
impact of the proposed rule on small entities.

This rule also fulfills a major part of the commitment made by the
President's Clean Water Action Plan announced on February 19, 1998
(information on this is at http://www.epa.gov/cleanwater).  EPA has a
commitment to issue a final regulation by March 1, 1999.

Copies of the proposed rule can be obtained from the January
9, 1998 Federal Register, EPA's web site at
http://www.epa.gov/OWM/sw2.htm or limited paper copies are available
by calling the Water Resource Center at (202) 260-7786.  If you have
questions on the proposed rule, please email them to
sw2@epamail.epa.gov or call (202) 260-5816.

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