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Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

MDEQ has given its "Clean Corporate Citizen" designation to 
Stone Container in Ontonagon, a facility with longstanding
serious odor emission problems.   Local citizens have reportedly
had difficulty getting the MDEQ Marquette Office to respond to
the complaints...with the MDEQ essentially turning the complaints
over to the company, who then make unwanted contacts with citizen

Local media stories treated the story as Stone being an 
"environmental award winner"

Russell Harding, MDEQ Director, personally presented the
designation to the company, saying "it is a good company" to 
the firm which has had serious EPA non-compliance violation
notices in a number of other states.

Stone container emits acetaldehyde and hydrochloric acid,  pulmonary irritants,
and other lignin breakdown products, such a methanol.  Stone has increased
its airborne  toxic release inventory reported emissions over the years
since its first reports were filed in 1987.  Stone's wastewater 
discharge permit contains no toxic water pollutant parameters except 
for copper.  Most such mills make extensive use of toxic slimicides which 
are discharged with wastewater effluents.

John Engler's statement read, according to press reports:

"I am pleased to recognize Stone Container for its achievements
at the Ontonagon mill.  The Company has successfully integrated
responsible environmental management and stewardship into 
its manufacturing operations as one of Michigan's largest 
paper mills.  Its management and staff are to be congratulated
as valuable members of the Upper Peninsula community."

According to  the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette,......

article text....

Harding said the award is part of a movement in the MDEQ to de-emphasize fines 
inspections in favor of voluntary compliance with Michigan's
strict environmental laws.  "There will never be enough DEQ inspectors
to go around.  The carrot indeed is mightier than the stick.  We have to 
work smarter.  It makes good business sense.   It contributes
to the bottom line.  You're not going to solve the problems of the
90s using a 70s approach....and Stone container here is  going
to lead the way."

This from the MDEQ Director who cuts budgets for enforcement
staff and calls environmentalists "vampires."

So it goes...

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