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Re: E-M:/ re: E-M: new energy efficiency code proposed

Enviro-Mich message from DAWri87302@aol.com

Dear JerrodM,

     After having participated in a private "debate" with you, and after
reading your public communications, I have come to the following conclusions:

    1.  You like to type, you like to type A LOT.

     2. You must have been hallucinating if you were there, "I know, because I
         there.  Vere vas you,  Sharlie?"
           Not only did the Big Three not listen to the "Voice of the
Customer", they    
           arrogantly continued along their ways until Chrysler was asking the
           government for a guaranteed loan and Ford was wheezing heavily, as 
           candidly described by their management who were around at the time.
           yet now you claim all they want is a free market, ok, sure I get

    3.  You still apparently are hallucinating and enjoy doing that on Enviro-

          Your initial venom, was directed at some Alliance which wanted to
make an 
           analysis of the Michigan proposed new home energy efficiency code.
I'm not
           sure what got your goat, but something about their desire to
participate in a
           public debate upset you.  Since then, have you directed your
attacks (opps, I 
           mean humurous arguing) on the examples provided by your opponents.
           appear to choose only the history you want and now appear to have
no point 
           at all other than to disagree.  But that gets me back to my first
point, you 
           must really, REALLY like to type ALOT.


David Wright

P.S.  I am looking forward to your response.

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