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E-M:/ Environmental Literacy Pioneer returns to MSU

Enviro-Mich message from Terry Link <link@pilot.msu.edu>

Some of this info was tucked into a notice from Prof. Jim Detjen a week or 
two back. Here's a little more info. Dr. Orr will also be at Uof M the 
following day, but I don't know the details of his public appearances 
there. Maybe someone on the list could post that info as well for our 
friends and colleagues in Southeast Michigan.

all good things,

terry link

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Pioneer of Environmental Literacy Returns to MSU

	Dr. David W. Orr, Professor and Chair of the Environmental Studies Program 
at Oberlin College will address "Ecological Design, Higher Education and 
the Challenge of Global Change" on Thursday, April 2, 1998 at 7:30 p.m. in 
the Kellogg Center auditorium.

Dr. Orr, is best known as an environmental educator and for his pioneering 
work on environmental literacy and campus ecology. His present work is 
focused on ecological design and specifically the design and construction 
of an environmental studies center at Oberlin College. He is returning to 
MSU where he received his M.A. in 1966, before completing a Ph.D. at the 
University of Pennsylvania.

David Orr was awarded a National Conservation Achievement Award by the 
National Wildlife Federation in 1993, a Lyndhurst Prize in 1992 awarded by 
the Lyndhurst Foundation "to recognize the educational, cultural, and 
charitable activities of particular individuals of exceptional talent, 
character, and moral vision," the Benton Box Award from Clemson University 
for his work in Environmental Education (1995), and an Honorary Doctorate 
in Humane Letters from Arkansas College in May, 1990. He has been a 
distinguished scholar in residence at Ball State University(1995) and 
Westminster College in Salt Lake City(1996).

Dr. Orr is the author of Earth in Mind(1994) and Ecological Literacy(1992) 
and over 90 published articles. He is also co-editor of The Campus and E  
nvironmental Responsibility co edited with David Eagan(1992), and The 
Global Predicament co-edited with Marvin Soroos(1979). Reviewers have found 
his work "passionate and compelling";  "should be read by all educators, 
regardless of discipline"; "most important book I've reviewed in many 
years"; and "unlike many polemicists, Mr. Orr implements his ideas". David 
Orr is the Education Editor for Conservation Biology, a member of the 
editorial advisory board of Orion Nature Quarterly, and a member of a 
number of boards and committees.

Dr. Orr's visit to campus which will include additional meetings with 
students, faculty and administrators is sponsored by Bailey Scholars 
Program, Residential Initiative for the Study of the Environment(RISE), the 
Environmental Journalism Program, Office of the Vice President for 
Research, Fisheries and Wildlife, SEAC(Student Environmental Action 
Council), MSU Green, and Lyman Briggs School.
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