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E-M:/ Call Sen. Carl Levin and Spencer Abraham on ISTEA

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Here is the latest communication from the Clean Air Network
on the ISTEA legislation which is up today in the United 
States Senate.   Please call and fax
Sen. Carl Levin and Spencer Abraham today and continue until you hear
about a resolution of the issues on ISTEA!!!

Note that Congressman Inhofe is trying to trash the new EPA
air standards with an amendment on ISTEA.  Please tell Levin 
and Abraham to oppose this Inhofe amendment

By the way, ISTEA stands for Intermodal Surface Transportation
Efficiency Act.....

Sen. Carl Levin
202 224 6221 voice
202 224 1388 fax

Sen. Spencer Abraham
202 224 4822 voice
202 224 8834 fax

Phone calls are best, fax is next best and email is least preferred for 


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 18:08:31 -0500
From: JMardock@nrdc.org (Jayne Mardock)
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Subject: air-mail: Environmental Votes up 1st on ISTEA
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According to CongressDaily today, Inhofe confirmed he will offer an amendment on
ISTEA, following the a personal pitch at the Senate Republican Caucus.  It is
expected to be on the floor Tuesday afternoon.  He will be asking for a roll
call vote, which will make it possible to hold Senators accountable.

As of today, committee aides were still working feverishly with Inhofe to put
the finishing touches on the amendment.  Numerous sources say the American
Petroleum Institute also has played a large role in crafting the amendment.   A
spokesman for Senator Jeffords, (R-VT) said he would "strongly oppose" any such
amendments on the floor.  

Below is an action alert circulated by the Surface Transportation Policy
Project, STPP.  Call your Senators and the media.  If this amendment passes, we
could be on a slippery slope of losses.  (NEXT UP:  Reg reform gets marked up on
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Subject:    Environmental Votes up 1st on ISTEA
Author: stpp-owner@Radix.Net
Date:       3/2/98 3:23 PM

March 2, 1998


Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) may offer an anti-clean air 
amendment to prohibit implementation of the new health-based air 
quality standards adopted by EPA last fall.  It will likely be 
debated and voted upon as early as  Tuesday, March 3rd.  Inhofe 
has not yet released details of the amendment.  Other anti-
environmental votes likely to be considered over the next 10 days.  

***Defeating this amendment is vital not only for its content, but 
also TO SET A PRECEDENT to defeat all other anti-
environmental amendments to ISTEA 2. ***

There is also talk of a compromise between Senators Byrd, 
Gramm, Chafee and Domenici to offer an amendment that 
increases transportation spending.  While we are not as concerned 
with exact funding levels, HOW that money is spent is critical.  
Byrd & Gramm would like it to be a highways only increase, but 
we want to ensure that any increase in funding for ISTEA 2 
(S.1173) is spread evenly across all ISTEA programs, including 
mass transit. 

 Under every administration since the early 1980s, mass transit has 
shared in 20% of any increase in federal transportation funding.  
Any increase in ISTEA 2 spending should be treated exactly the 
same way and ensure fairness across all modes of transportation.


#1 -- Call your Senators and ask how they intend to vote. Urge 
them to vote against the Inhofe amendment and all anti-
environmental amendments and to support spreading any funding 
increases across all ISTEA programs, including transit.  
(Congressional Switchboard: 202/224-3121) If you get into a 
discussion on the specifics of the amendments, use the talking 
points below & descriptions above.

#2 -- Call your local environmental/transportation reporters.  Tell 

* It looks like the first ISTEA votes will be on the new air quality 
standards and balanced transportation funding.   

* I don't know how our Senators are planning on voting, but you 
might want to give their offices a call to check on this.   

* The Inhofe attack on safe, clean air is not only bad for our 
community, but also goes after one of the Administration's 
priorities.  It would be ridiculous for our Senators to hold up 
access to our transportation dollars over this amendment and it is a 
backdoor way to attack our community's right to have safe, clean 
air to breathe.

* The debate over transportation funding is putting at risk the basis 
of current law: a balanced approach so that communities can invest 
in a range of options: transit, roads, and safe places for people to 
bike & walk.  

If you or any reporters need more information, call Laura Olsen or 
James Corless at the Surface Transportation Policy Project.  
or see our ISTEA web page, updated daily at:  

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