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E-M:/ More nif-nawing on Bond Fund, Cement Plant and Casinos

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

Today's Detroit News contains another editorial and even another
George weeks column of nif-nawing (one of Tim Skubick's favorite
terms) over the $500 Bond fund, Cement Plants on the River and 

Prior articles have mentioned the Engler Administration's intent
to move the Lafarge Cement Terminal near the RenCen  farther downriver at 
public taxpayer expense, complete with public expenditures to clean 
up a site for the Lafarge Terminal somewhere along the Detroit
River Shoreline in SW Detroit.

Now its time for John Engler, Russell Harding and Tracy Mehan to
come clean with just how much of the $500 bond is going to be
going to Lafarge Corporation....well-known French-owned  multi-media
violator and the entity which wants the taxpayers to pay for the 
cleanup of the heavy metal-contaminated National Gypsum cement kiln dust
pile they purchased
in 1986.   The very same company that is notorious for polluting Lake 
Huron with their wastewater discharges without effective enforcement
action from either MDEQ or U.S. EPA......

So, John, Russ and Tracy,  just how much of the total $500 million 
bond is going to benefit Lafarge in one form or another....either as
direct payments to Lafarge to move, or payments made to clean
up a site in SW Detroit for them to move to??   Is it 10% of the 
total?    5%?   15% ?   What is it??

And by the way, has the state done a value assessment on 
the Lafarge Terminal near the Ren Cen, or is this another 
sweetheart over-valuation deal like with the Miller Brothers in the Nordhouse 
Dunes??   Or are they going to get paid for the value of a new 

And, if the City of Detroit wants the Lafarge property,
why can't they take it with quick-take condemnation authority like they took
all of the homes and businesses to build the Cadillac Assembly plant in Poletown
and then settle the disputes later over property value??

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