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Sometime ago I let all know of a proposed race track in Otsego County.  It was/is a small local race track, not like the one proposed at the State Fairgrounds or Kalkaska.  None the less, it is a race track in the Sturgeon River valley and it will be noisy.  I found an expert.  Professor Eric Zwerling, Director of the Rutgers Noise Center in New Jersey.  Al luck would have it, Eric was coming to Michigan and we arranged to have him speak in Gaylord.  Thursday, March 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Hidden Valley Resort just east of Gaylord on M-32.  He'll talk about general noise "stuff" and then demo/simulate the sound of the track and talk about event noise.  Anyone is welcome.  If noise is of interest, or you have some sort of track coming in your neck of the woods, you ought to be here.  Information needed, call Dave Smethurst at 517-732-9090 or e-mail.