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E-M:/ DEQ Hearing

Enviro-Mich message from "Delavan Sipes" <delavan@cybersol.com>

Good morning, Enviro-Mich,
Last night we had our second DEQ hearing in as many months.  (Paw Paw Lake,
Berrien County).  I learned something that we can attribute to our
environmentally unconcious governor.  It seems that with the separation of
the DEQ from the DNR and the additional cutbacks in personnel, that we now
have one complete enforcement officer for eight southwestern Michigan
counties.  This is preposterous.

If the DNR/DEQ have rules and regulations, what value do they have when
there is no one around to enforce them.  Example:  We have six condominium
complexes on our shores.  All are operating without a marina permit, and
have been for many years.  The DEQ says they are operating illegally.  If
someone were to complain, the DEQ would put the complaint on a list of
complaints to be addressed this year.  The list would be prioritized to
care of the "more important complaints" first.

We have a totally screwed up DNR/DEQ, thanks to gov's view on environment. 
Anyone that I have talked with who works for the DNR/DEQ is struggling to
do a good job with horrendous handicaps.  If the ratio of enforcement
officers to counties is about the same throughout the state, we have
approximately 10 or 11 officers for the entire state.  What other gems of
malfeasance do we have as a result of "divide and conquer" the DNR?


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