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E-M:/ Utility deregulation/ Science policy editorial

Enviro-Mich message from "MICHAEL W. MURRAY" <MURRAY@nwf.org>

Harvey Wasserman has an article, *The Last Energy War*, in the current Nation (March 16, 1998), discussing the state of utility deregulation, AB1890 in California (which has divided the environmental community), perspectives of labor, consumer and enviro groups, and recent bills in state legislatures and Congress. He quotes Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich describing the merger frenzy resulting from deregulation as a "Jurassic Park run by a few T-Rex utility giants, in which the consumer and the environment are the inevitable prey." The article is available at http://www.TheNation.com. (Also contains some editorials/columns on the Iraq situation).

Also, there is an interesting editorial in Science (2/27/98, Vol. 279, p. 1283) by Richard Sclove of the Loka Institute (a nonprofit research and advocacy organization dealing with science policy issues) on opening up the science policy process in the U.S. to public interest, labor, and other grassroots organizations, as has been increasingly done in some European countries. The editorial is available at http://www.amherst.edu/~loka/science.htm, along with a few links in the area of science policy. Also, the Loka Institute has a few listservs, for those underwhelmed by email, in the areas of science policy, community-based research, etc. (http://www.amherst.edu/~loka/lists/lists.htm)

Mike Murray

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