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E-M:/ Hogs; and then deer/cattle/TB and NE Michigan

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

A friendly public servant from the MDEQ asked me to forward
this bit of information on the Confined Animal water pollution 

"The most recent issue of Audubon magazine has a good article 
by Ted Williams (not the ball player) on industrial hog operations."


And, while on the issue of animals and agriculture.....

.... has anyone outside of the Michigan Department of 
Agriculture reviewed the facts on whether there is any 
evidence that wild deer populations [as opposed to 
captive deer and/or elk] are responsible for
transmission of bovine tuberculosis to cattle in 
NE lower Michigan??   

Apparently a fairly large kill of wild deer is planned up 
there from what I understand...... from a recent 
"Off the Record" program.

Is this "good science" or is it just an effort to bail out
a few relatively small cattle farmers, and to cut
down on agriculturally related deer crop predation
from an administration that is pre-disposed to favor
anything that the agriculture sector wants??

And if a large deer kill is justified, why not do this 
through changes in regular deer hunting season regs
so that Michigan deer hunters take the game
that is a public trust  [rather than wasting the 
deer or giving farmers carte blanch to shoot deer]???

Anyone with information on this...please post to 
the list     enviro-mich@great-lakes.net

I'll also be happy to post replies given to me 
privately while holding the writer anonymous.

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