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Re: E-M:/ EPA to regulate factory farms, hog hotels

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

On the issue of confined animal feeding operations....

....one issue that the environmentalists don't address and that
the agriculture sector is aggressively indifferent to involves
the problem and the production of anti-biotic resistant bacteria
from these operations.

Antibiotics are commonly fed in these feeding operations for 
infection control and, in some species, for growth stimulus.   The
result is the production in the long term of anti-biotic resistant
bacteria that exist in the large waste lagoons.   Where high 
pressure spray irrigation is used, this technique has the effect
of dispersing these bacteria into the air, along with a lot of 
ammonia, reduced sulfur compounds and volatile organics.

There is a public health physician/microbiologist who has been
dealing with this issue for a long time by the name of Edward Levy.
Animal anti-biotic use, along with over prescribing of antibiotics
in human populations as well as human patient misuse are the
reasons why we have such a problem with anti-biotic resistant 

At 02:01 PM 3/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from "Eric K. Lawson" <lawson@publicpolicy.com>
>I would be interested to hear about this technology you suggest.  I am
>considerably skeptical since working on hog waste issues in North Carolina.
> I heard/read about many pie-in-the-sky solutions that looked very good on
>the surface, but were inherently flawed by either operational
>impracticality or economic misunderstanding.  However, I still hold out
>hope that there is a way to bring the economics and environmental concerns
>closer together.
>Ric Lawson
>At 07:17 AM 3/6/1998 -0800, Tom Stanton wrote:
>>Enviro-Mich message from Tom Stanton <stanton7@pilot.msu.edu>
>>Are there any E-M readers/lurkers who would be interested in proven
>>that can abate factory farm/hog hotel environmental problems at a profit?
>>aware of some technologies that can convert the animal waste into several
>>different beneficial products.  These are not just environmental clean-up
>>technologies, they're investments with 25% or more ROI.
>>-- Tom Stanton, Lansing
>>asagady@sojourn.com wrote:

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