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E-M:/ "A Healthy Baby Girl" (fwd)

Enviro-Mich message from anne l-g <aleavitt@umich.edu>

FYI - You are all invited to come see this film.  It is an interesting and
moving portrayal of the personal side of DES. . .

Anne Leavitt-Gruberger

Come to see a FREE screening of the award winning film. . .

	"A Healthy Baby Girl"
	Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker Judith Helfand
	Monday March 23rd
	7:30 pm  Green Auditorium
	Hillel,  1429 Hill Street
	Ann Arbor, MI

At the age of 25, Judith Helfand was diagnosed with cervical cancer and
had to undergo a radical hysterectomy - the result of her mother taking
the anti-miscarriage drug diethylstilbestrol (DES).  "A Healthy Baby Girl"
explores what happens when science, marketing and corporate power enter
our deepest family relationships.  After the movie, filmmaker Judith
Helfand will make the connections between DES and the health effects of
widespread environmental pollutants.

Plus, if this gets your interest, come to an organizing meeting the next
day, Tuesday March 24th at 4:30-6:00 pm at 2038 Dana (the School of
Natural Resources).  Judith Helfand will be there to talk about getting
involved with local environmental issues on campus, especially the
incinerator at the medical hospital.

For more information contact Anne Leavitt-Gruberger at aleavitt@umich.edu.
or at (734) 997-7474.

Sponsored by Hillel, the Ecology Center, the Women's Studies Dept, MSA and
the Environmental Theme Semester 

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