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  Also on Michigan Live today, the Muskegon Chronicle covered the arguments
before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Ott Chemical case.  The case is
considered a key to establishing the extent that parent corporations are held
responsible for the polluting activities of their subsidiaries.

WASHINGTON - A New Jersey corporate executive who allegedly controlled 
waste-disposal policies at Ott Chemical Co. 30 years ago has emerged as 
a key figure in a Muskegon pollution cleanup case before the U.S. 
Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court Tuesday heard oral arguments in a case that will 
determine who pays $100 million to cleanse the former Ott Chemical site 
in Dalton Township: taxpayers or CPC International Inc. and Aerojet 
General Corp., two out-of-state firms whose subsidiaries owned the 
Muskegon site.
The Supreme Court will use the Muskegon case to decide whether parent 
corporations can he held liable - under the federal Superfund law - for 
cleaning up pollution caused by their subsidiaries. A ruling is expected 
by June.

The full story is at http://mu.mlive.com/news/tccourt.htm

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