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Re: E-M:/ Victory on Smith Forest Health Bill -- press release

Enviro-Mich message from Tim Flynn <tflynn@freeway.net>

>Michigan Enviros:  GREAT NEWS FROM CONGRESS-- Previously you have been sent
>info about HR 2515, Con. Bob Smith's bad forest bill -- The forces of common
>sense won this one!!  Thanks to all who contacted their Congresspeople in
>Michigan!!  Anne Woiwode

As an additional note, on this watershed victory.

Rep. Elhers was the lone Michigan republican to vote no on this horrible 
bill, anyone in his district should write or call, and thank him.  He is 
truly the only real conservative on the republican side, as Mr. Elhers 
voted to conserve our forests.   The disgusting rest of the republican 
delegation from Michigan are not conservatives but exploiters, voting to 
exploit at any cost our environment.   

On the other side Rep's Barcia and Stupak were the only Michigan Dem's to 
vote for this bill.   All enviro's in their districts should call and 
raise hell about their votes.   Even Helen Chenoweth the very right wing 
repub. from Montana voted against this bill!   Both of these rep's have 
consistently voted against forest protection, and for increasing stumps 
on the nations forests.   

Rep. Clearcut, aka Stupak, has an especially reprehensible record of 
taking timber money and voting against the will of the majority of his 
constituents.  Voters who would rather have forests than stumps.   He, in 
fact, lead the charge to pass this bill, speaking from the floor in 
support.   Why?   He gets one of the largest donations in the House from 
the timber industry,  selling out his constituents for timber industry 

Tim Flynn

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