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E-M:/ Re: Cong. Clearcut remarks in the House on Smith Bill

Enviro-Mich message from asagady@sojourn.com

At 01:55 PM 3/28/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Just for amusement look at these remarks!   As a note, Michigan has 19 
>million acres of total forest land, who is spreading "myths"; Gypsy are a 
>problem and are changing our forests but clearly are not destroying them, 
>and cutting them down wouldn't fix stop the moths;  the Stephan Bridge 
>fire was started by a guy burning legally in his backyard, not due to 
>health or lack of cutting on national forests.   Lie, lies and damnable 
>lie.   Why?  Money.
>Feel free to post to enviro mich if you want.


Thanks for tracking down Bart Stupak's ridiculous speech (see below).   Everyone
in the Upper Peninsula and the northern part of the LP in his district
should be sure to read it.

We apparently have our own version of this madness here
in our state with the Michigan Engler Chainsaw Massacre.....Engler
inspired minimum cutting levels in the state forests.


Alex Sagady

>Rep Clearcut's remarks yesterday to the House:
> FOREST RECOVERY AND PROTECTION ACT OF 1998 (House of Representatives - 
>March 27,
>                                           1998)
>Mr. STUPAK (Clearcut, add by tim). Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman 
>for yielding this time to me, and I thank him for his
>leadership on this bill along with the gentleman from Oregon (Mr. Smith) 
>for their leadership on this
>Forest Recovery and Protection Act, which really is a good bill that is 
>used to address the problems of
>forest health in an environmentally sensitive and scientifically sound 
>Many opponents here have argued that the bill is not needed because the 
>problem with our forest
>health is just a myth. Does that mean that millions of acres are being 
>destroyed by mythical forest
>fires and outbreaks of disease? I wish someone could tell me. 
>Know that in northern Michigan our forests are not dying from disease, 
>and, no, our homes were not
>destroyed in the wildfire. It was all just a dream conjured up by the 
>politicians in Washington. It is
>not. It is a reality. 
>The fact is that our forests are in trouble, and it is not just a problem 
>with the forests out west. In
>the Great Lakes, in my district, about half of the 90 million acres of 
>jack pine in the Hiawatha
>National Forest alone are highly susceptible and are being destroyed by 
>jack pine budworm infestation.
>Furthermore, a letter from the Forest Service to my office dated April 
>23, 1997, states gypsy moth
>infestations continue to be a problem for the people of the State of 
>Michigan. In fact as we are
>debating here today, the gypsy moths are destroying our forests in 
>northern Michigan. 
>Severe infestations can and are causing extensive damage and creating 
>catastrophic fire conditions. In
>Michigan approximately 600 wild forest fires are reported each year. 
>Michigan's Stephan Bridge fire in
>1990, just 1990, destroyed 76 homes and 125 buildings in just one 
>Mr. Chairman, these are real problems facing our forests, not myth. The 
>Forest Recovery and
>Protection Act is a sensible approach to improving forest health. The 
>bill adheres to sound scientific
>principles, is subject to all current environmental laws and land 
>management plans, and leaves the
>decision with local communities by involving Federal and State foresters 
>and local citizens in a
>process of identifying the risk forest areas. 
>I thank the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Stenholm) and the gentleman from 
>Oregon (Mr. Smith) for
>bringing forth this legislation, and I urge all my colleagues to support 
>this very important bill. 
>Tim Flynn   tflynn@freeway.net    PO Box 308, Harbor Springs, MI 49740

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