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E-M:/ check how your rep voted on this bad bill

Enviro-Mich message from Dave Dempsey <davemec@voyager.net>

FYI:  See how your Representative voted on this key enforcement bill 
which unfortunately recently passed in the House. 

Paperwork reduction amendments undermine environmental protections
House passes H.R. 3310

Sponsored by Rep. David McIntosh (R-IN), H.R. 3310, the "Small Business
Paperwork Reduction Act Amendments of 1998" would seriously undermine 
public health, safety and environmental protection in the name of paperwork
reduction.  H.R. 3310 would broadly waive civil penalties for first-time
violations of vital reporting and recordkeeping requirements, with little
consideration for the importance and reasonableness of these crucial 

Numerous environmental programs--including tracking hazardous materials,
protecting food safety, ensuring air and water quality, and giving notice 
ofchemical accidents--rely on reporting requirements that would be 
undermined by this legislation.  Information collection not only helps the
public avoid hazards, but has helped business improve the efficiency of
their operations.  H.R. 3310 would excuse violations of such valuable
right-to-know  provisions as the new reporting requirements under the Safe
Drinking Water Act and the Food Quality Protection Act.

By automatically waiving penalties for violating reporting requirements, 
H.R. 3310 would encourage noncompliance.  Unscrupulous businesses could
break the law and avoid any penalty until they are caught not once, but
twice.  The  bill would put the many businesses that work hard to do the
right thing at an unfair competitive disadvantage.

On March 26, 1998 the House passed H.R. 3310 by a vote of 267 - 140.  NO 
is the pro-environment vote.

LCV encourages you to call or write your Representative about their vote 
on this issue, thanking them for supporting the environment or objecting to 
their anti-environmental position.

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121
Address:  Your Representative, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, 


Key: + indicates a pro-environment vote, - indicates a vote against the
environment, ? indicates an absence, O indicates an ineligibility to 

 1 STUPAK (D)                +
 2 HOEKSTRA (R)              -
 3 EHLERS (R)                -
 4 CAMP (R)                  -
 5 BARCIA (D)                +
 6 UPTON (R)                 -
 7 SMITH, NICK (R)           -
 8 STABENOW (D)              -
 9 KILDEE (D)                +
10 BONIOR (D)                +
11 KNOLLENBERG (R)           -
12 LEVIN, SANDER (D)         +
13 RIVERS (D)                +
14 CONYERS (D)               ?
15 KILPATRICK (D)            +
16 DINGELL (D)               +

Dave Dempsey
Policy Director
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette, Suite 2A
Lansing, MI 48912

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