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E-M:/ Valet Bike Parking Project - Earth Day

Enviro-Mich message from Lucinda Means LMB Lansing <lmbike@voyager.net>

The League of Michigan Bicyclists will provide free a one hour training
program at your location, free materials and equipment for volunteer
organizations to use to provide attended bike parking at Earth Day

We are hoping NPO's will use the training so that their volunteers/staff
will provide this service to already planned Earth Day events that may
well be sponsored by another organization.

Below is a one page summary of the Bike Parking Project.  Please call or
email with questions.  This "project module" is free and our hope is
that non-profit organizations will use it to create their own bike
parking project as often as they wish.  

League of Michigan Bicyclists
 Special Event Valet Bike Parking Program


Cyclists welcome guarded valet parking for their bikes and react very
enthusiastically.  If properly approached, by knowledgeable, committed
volunteers, they are more likely to donate money and/or join the
organization themselves.  They will be encouraged to attend the events
secure in the knowledge that their bikes will be safe from vandalism and

Event organizers will be able to use the high visibility of bike parking
as a marketing tool, underscoring their commitment not only to customer
service but their good citizenship, forward thinking management
practices and environmental consciousness.  Also, providing the service
will be low-tech, volunteer-driven and therefore low cost.  The parking
providers will be trained and supported in providing the service by the

Most importantly, the parking provider's volunteers and staff will be
promoting people using their bikes for transportation while having fun!


Provide convenient, secure valet bicycle parking at events as a public
service to all cyclists. Encourages people to bike who would otherwise
drive to an event causing traffic congestion, neighborhood complaints
and environmental damage.  Also, eases the burden on public
transportation during large events.

Reach cyclists at all levels of ability and interest in cycling and
provide them with information on safe cycling, private and public
amenities for cyclists as well as opportunities for getting involved in
promoting cycling.

For non-bicycle oriented service groups provides an effective outreach
tool to increase public awareness of the organization as well as
opportunities for member and volunteer recruitment.

Provide community service and fund raising opportunities for public
service and bicycle advocacy group volunteers as well as small business
management skills.


Work with event promoters and site managers to integrate bicycle parking
into the event planning process, advise on publicizing the service
beforehand.  Organize, coordinate and staff the actual bike parking at
the event.  Work with them to promote the bike parking service. 

Have trained, well-informed staff (assume staff is volunteer) on site to
safely and efficiently secure and/or guard the bicycles in a specific
location.  Staff will also be able to answer questions on various topics
for cyclists and/or about their service organization.  If the
organization is non-bicycle oriented, the volunteers will distribute
bicycle information with local bike organization phone numbers.


The League of Michigan Bicyclists promotes bicycling in Michigan for
recreation and transportation.  It is a non-profit, membership
organization open to any individual or organization interested in
bicycling in Michigan.

A volunteer Board of Directors consisting of experienced cyclists with a
variety of professional backgrounds and depth and breadth of bicycling
expertise leads the LMB.  Our volunteer leaders manage the annual
Shoreline Bicycle Tours, edit the annual Michigan Bicycle Event Poster
Calendar, publish the quarterly magazine, Michigan Bicyclist, teach
Effective Cycling classes and provide safety education and general
cycling information.

The LMB opened an office in Lansing in February 1997 and hired its first
full-time employee, the Executive Director, in January 1997.

Lucinda J. Means
Executive Director
League of Michigan Bicyclists
P.O. Box 16201
Lansing, MI  48901-6201
Tel:  (517) FYI-BIKE (394-2453)
In-state Tollfree: 1(888) MI-BIKES (642-4537)
E-mail: lmbike@voyager.net   
E-mail Bulletin Board: MichBike@mail.msen.com
Website:  http://www.lmb.org 

Note:  This information is available for non-profit bicycle clubs and
other organizations to use to raise funds for program support and to
increase public awareness of bicycling for transportation and
recreation.  It is available to them under the following conditions:

1. Any organization or individual using this information must give
express written acknowledgement of the League of Michigan Bicyclists in
its publicity materials and notify the League of Michigan Bicyclists in
writing at least five business days before use;

2. This information is not under any circumstances to be used in any way
as a profit-making venture by any business or individual or for-profit

Lucinda J. Means
Executive Director
League of Michigan Bicyclists
P.O. Box 16201
Lansing, MI  48901-6201
Tel:  (517) 394-2453

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