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E-M:/ More on Old Growth timber sale in Ottawa National Forest in UP

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I am forwarding this as it contains IMPORTANT suplemental information on 
the TRAP HILLS timber sale alert previously aka URGENT APPEAL... CALL 
Henry Peters
Citizen Public Lands
"Your Lands, Our Planet"
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****Attachment to Ciitizen Public Lands & Northwoods Wilderness Recovery  
previous Action Alert!

US representative Dale Kildee's office will be drafting a letter today, 
2 , to US Forest Service Chief Dombeck urging consideration of the Trap 
and Old M-64 sale in the road moratorium. The letter will probably go out 
the next day or two.

As you know, Old M-64 is one the last tracts of old growth forest left in 
Ottawa NF. We would appreciate your continued support by notifying 
Dombeck of
the importance of this area, and your urging of protection by his 
for this crucial area. 

As you may also know, Defenders of Wildlife won their lawsuit for listing 
the Lynx. The Trap Hills is crucial for any recovery efforts for the Lynx,
Peregrine Falcon, and Goshawk. Please continue urging Forest Supervisor
Phyllis Green and Chief Dombeck to provide protection of this area. This 
the reprieve that the Old M-64 needs. 

At this point, and as of my last conversation with Phyllis Green, she was
waffling on whether the area meets criteria for inclusion in road 
and defected Kildees office to Chief Dombeck. She stated that directives 
DC for inclusion of areas had her in "gray areas". We are trying to clear 
her mind, if that is possible. 

Included below is list of criteria that may be useful in addition to your 

As you know folks, Phyllis Green CANNOT use the argument that Trap Hills 
not meet criteria for inclusion in the roadless moratorium. Get people to 
hammering her on this. The proposed rule is also available in the Jan. 28
Federal Register by contacting FS website at http://www.fs.fed.us/
Hammer Chief Dombeck as well.

The following are eight criteria for roadless areas in the Eastern

1.  The land is regaining a natural, untrammeled appearance. 

This is clearly the case in the Trap Hills.  The area provides some of
the most remote and wild conditions in the Upper Midwest.

2.  Improvements existing in the area are being affected by the forces
of nature rather than humans and are disappearing or muted.

Again, this is the case with the Trap Hills.  Many of the scars of
previous logging are fading and the area is again reaching the point
whereby it can substantially contribute to recovery of endangered and
threatened species such as the Canada lynx.

3.  The area has existing or attainable National Forest System
ownership patterns, both surface and subsurface, that could ensure
perpetuation of identified wilderness values.

This condition is met without a doubt.  Only Mead Paper, and a few
other private inholdings exist in the rugged and wild Trap Hills.

4.  The location of the area is conducive to the perpetuation of
wilderness values.  

Given the Trap Hills location adjacent to the 60,000 acre Porcupine
Mts.  Wilderness State Park and the proximity to the Ontonagon
National Wild and Scenic River, the Trap Hills clearly is central to
protection of this wildland complex.  Unfortunately, the Ottawa NF has
been negligent in assessing the impacts of their ongoing timber
program on the status of the Ontonagon NSR.

5.  The area contains nor more than a half mile of improved road for
each 1,000 acres, and the roads are under Forest Service jurisdiction.

Condition met in much of the Trap Hills (except where the Forest
Service and Mead continue to build roads)

6.  No more than 15 percent of the area is non-native, planted

Condition met.

7.  Twenty percent or less of the area has been harvested within the
past ten year
Condition met.

8.  The area contains only a few dwellings on private lands and the
location of these dwellings and their access needs insulate effects on
the natural condition of Federal lands.

Here are address and Phone #'s.

Contact Both at this time

Phyllis Green
Forest Supervisor
Ottawa National Forest 
E 6248 US 2
Ironwood, MI 49938
(906) 932-1330 ext. 304

Send a copy of your letter to: Call 1-800-522-6721 for Dombeck's #

Mike Dombeck, Chief
USDA Forest Service
P. O. Box 96090
Washington, DC 20090-6090

Comments also may be sent to the Chief via the Internet to:

Thank-you Murray

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