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Digest of recent enviro stories on MLive w/links:

Kyoto and Ann Arbor are 7,000 miles apart, but the heat from the ancient 
Japanese town scorched a multi-state conference here Friday, pitting 
politics against science, industry against the environment.
A panel discussion at Campus Inn analyzed the international pact reached 
at Kyoto last December to control the Earth's greenhouse gases following 
11 days of contentious debate. Friday's discussion proved as divisive as 
the world global warming conference.

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP - Sportsmen and suburban sprawl don't mix, says 
Richard Jameson, executive director of the Michigan United Conservation 
Club.  If open land disappears, so will space to hunt and fish, Jameson said 
Thursday night during a public forum about sprawl and land preservation 

An oil tanker plies the rolling waters of the Black Sea, bound for the 
Straits of the Bosporus, when carelessness leads to an oil spill.
It's a dark and stormy night and the tanker plows on, certain the spill 
was not observed by anyone, the crew confident that they will never be 
Little do they know that they left fingerprints at the scene. Oil 
fingerprints. Scientists can now pluck a sample of spilled oil, run it 
through tests and determine the likely source of crude oil - even after 
the oil has been washed by water, undergone evaporation and been broken 
down by bacteria.

 Researchers investigate Lake Michigan color change caused by mysterious plume

The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network, 
formed nine years ago at Saginaw Valley State University, has found a 
new home at Columbia University in New York City.
CIESIN uses high speed computers to find and analyze computer 
information related to global environmental change and how it affects 
human populations.

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