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E-M:/ Engler's Near Weenie

Enviro-Mich message from "Delavan Sipes" <delavan@cybersol.com>

Here's a different slant on the Weenie Awards.  Just received from a friend
who still lives in the Detroit area.   This was published in the "Metro
Times" (Detroit Area) in the issue 3/25-3/31 of '98.

	It was not your usual vote.  The environmentalists who gathered at the
Windosr Press Club last week to bestow the Weenie Award didn't choose the
recipient of this annual dishonor by a show of hands.  They didn't say
"yea" or "nay".  Instead they used hoots and hisses to narrowly select
Ontario Hydro in a runoff against Ontarior Premier Mike Harris and Michigan
Gov. John Engler.  Among the other nominees were the BASF plant in
Wyandotte, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and Detroit

	But in the final tally Ontario Hydro "nuked out" the competition in the
annual event sponsored by the Citizens environment Alliance of Southwest
Ontario.  According to Rick Coronado, president of the group, Ontario Hydro
received its Weenie "in the wake of the damning report of their
incompetence and neglect regarding nuclear safety in Ontario."

	Runner-up Engler was nominated because, according to group members, "He
has single-handedly damaged or erased so many existing enviro protection
laws, destroyed the involvement of are citizens on local boards, made the
Department of Environmental Quality a weak, ineffective body, and removes
or restrains any employee who tries to show any concern for an atrocity in
a local area."

	On a more positive the group also recognized eight individuals and
organizations for their environmental achievements in 1997.  Among the
recipients were the Metro Times, which received its award for a number of
environmental stories written last year, including an in-depth
envestigative piece on stalled efforsts to clean up contamination of the
Detroit River.

	Other honorees included east Detroit resident Pegg Roberts, who has been
involved in the environmental justice fight to clean up Fox Creek, a
polluted waterway that borders Grosse Pointe Park.
-----Curt Guyette

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