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Enviro-Mich message from "Charles Cubbage" <CubbageC@state.mi.us>

Among the items you posted was one about lead levels in a child care center in Jackson.  The conclusion reached, that "[there was little risk since the children would not be there 24 hrs a day]" is absolutely bad advice.  One cannot assume that a child has no other exposure opportunities and an environment that is above safe levels may indeed create a problem.  I am apalled at the statement!  I would ask if the person who made the statement has had any experience with patients who suffered from chronic lead exposure!  You lose IQ points before overt symptoms show up.  BAD ADVICE!!!!!

I have first hand knowledge of the problem via a grandson who underwent 70 chelation shots at 10 months of age.  We were fortunate that a physician from a metropolitan area routinely checked his pediatric patients' blood lead levels.  That is what I would do if my child or grand kids attended that particular child care center.

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