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Enviro-Mich message from Tim Flynn <tflynn@freeway.net>

Song of the Dodo, David Quammen- Outside Mag writer extraordinare.  This 
is the best, and easiest to read book on the biodiversity crisis,  also a 
fascinating exploration of life from far flung corners of the earth.

Saving Natures Legacy, Noss and Cooperrider - a more technical book on 
conservation biology, understanding how to stop the death of birth 
(extinction of species and populations)

The Forgotten Pollinators, Gary Nathban(sp?) and ??? - wonderful book on 
pollination ecology, told through personal stories of the authors, very 
readable.   You don't know anything about nature if until you understand 
pollination dynamics, this book will give you that understanding.   Given 
the recent news that 29% of the US's plants are threatened, it is a 
timely read.

On 4/9/98 12:12 PM Curt Guyette wrote:

>One of my editors is trying to put together a list of recent
>environmental books for an Earth Day feature. We'd like to here from
>list members. Tell us what good enviro books you've been reading, who
>wrote them and what you like about them.
>You can send the info to cguyette@aminc.com
>Thanks for the assistance.
>Curt Guyette
>Metro Times

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