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E-M:/ CEA Public Meeting

Enviro-Mich message from GreenPlanet <riccawu@MNSi.Net>

Citizens Environment Alliance/ Toxic Trackers Project presents:

A Public Meeting:  "Why Not Down The Drain?"

Wednesday April 15, at 7:00 PM  
Windsor Press Club
83 Riverside Drive West 
(over top of the Spotted Dog)

In 1986 the Ministry of Environment initiated a new Ontario Water Pollution
Control Plan.  However, they failed to include municipal sewer use.   Sewer
use controls are not provincially regulated . In Ontario local
municipalities have responsibility for sewer use regulations.  There are
many inconsistencies.  They are only enforced at the municipal level.  In
Ontario approx.13,000 industries and millions of citizens dump into the
sewers.  Has the City of Windsor developed effective sewer use bylaws?
What about surrounding communities whose sewers feed into Windsor's?  Is the
Detroit River being protected from chemical contamination?  

Get answers to your questions:  

Ever wonder what people and industries are dumping down the drain?
Where does it go?
Wonder if it is causing harm to the environment?
What can you do to stop dumping  down the drain?
Is better sewage treatment technology the answer?
Who pays for effective sewer use controls  and who enforces?

Join Us for a public meeting on "Why Not Down The Drain?"
Guest Speaker:
Lou Romano/ 
Director of Pollution Control 
City of Windsor

Location: Windsor Press Club/83 Riverside Drive West/Over top the Spotted Dog.

Refreshments and Munchies also available

** Probably the last public meeting we will ever have at the old Windsor
Press Club. (So Don't miss it>)

****Minister of Environment Norm Sterling's been invited to discuss his
comments about dumping into the sewers.  At this point his office has not
answered our invitation.  But we will keep trying.

Call CEA at 973-1116 for further information
Windsor & Area Social Justice & Ecological Network
PO Box 548, Windsor, ON  N9A 6M6
Voice:  519-973-1116  Fax 519-255-7361
E-mail:  riccawu@mnsi  (GreenPlanet)
web page (under construction) http://www.mnsi.net/~cea

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