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   In the face of encroaching development, Wilson Kruithoff is a pioneer.
Along with the owners of 33 other farms scattered across Michigan, he has
agreed to sell the state his right to subdivide his farm for homes and
businesses. For the first time, the state is in essence offering to pay
farmers not to develop their land. 
But more than 730 farmers couldn't get a similar deal because there wasn't
enough money. And now farm and environmental groups are trying to convince
Gov. John Engler and the Michigan Legislature to raise more money for the

Most sewage in metropolitan Jackson is treated at two facilities and washed
away in the Grand River.
Then there are the great unwashed, the estimated 28,000 septic tanks whose
contents are spread across rural fields like horse manure.
County commissioners are considering banning the dumping of 4.5 million
gallons of "septage" yearly onto fields. They cite odor complaints and
potential health risks.

Throughout Michigan this spring, bacteria-wielding crews are preparing to
treat 80,000 acres to combat a predicted gypsy moth boom.
The leaf-munching caterpillars are bouncing back from a 1996 crash.

A review of  water rates in Genesee County reveals that residents in smaller
communities typically pay higher water bills than those in larger cities and
That is unless you're in a community with its own water system. Residents in
those towns pay half as much for water than residents getting water from

Lapeer - Imlay City resident Larry Guc sees development taking place around
him and is concerned about the garbage and air pollution that comes from it -
but he believes one person can make a difference.

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