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E-M:/ Global Warming Satellite Link site in Ann Arbor

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Satellite link site also in Ann Arbor in addition to Lansing.....

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Re: Global Warming Satellite Conference-

There will also be a free local downlink in Ann Arbor at the Washtenaw
Intermediate School District (WISD) room Vogel B. WISD is on Wagner Rd,
north of Jackson Rd. Local discussions will begin at 12:30 and end at
3:00. Beverages will be provided. Call Kathy Cencer to RSVP at (734)

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Global Warming: Local Solutions, Renew America's National Town Meeting
Video Teleconference, will be held on Wednesday, April 22, 1:00-2:30
The 90 minute teleconference will present techniques for redesigning 
buildings, communities, and transportation systems to optimize
describe successful efforts by individuals, businesses, and communities
reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and introduce federal programs that 
provide support for local efforts.  A Lansing downlink site will be at
Ottawa Conference Center, Ottawa & Pine Streets, Room #2. Parking is 
available behind the Ottawa towers.  There is no charge for the 
teleconference.  For further information contact John Sarver at 
517/334-7234 or john.h.sarver@cis.state.mi.us
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