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Re: E-M:/ where's the environmental justice?

Enviro-Mich message from "RASHID BARKAJI" <ACCESS-COM@worldnet.att.net>

Dave Dempsey is exactly right that the arguments put forward by Harding in
opposing the EPA guidance on environmental justice (Title VI cases) are
exactly the types of arguments put forward by those in the old South who
opposed the original passage of civil rights legislation. We need to be
reminding people that this is nothing new -- its the 1964 Civil Rights Act!
The EPA is simply starting to enforce this law in their environmental
protection efforts. It
is not new legislation, it is simply guidelines for dealing with cases that
currently pending. 

It's not, as Harding suggests, coming from "inside the Beltway" government
bureaucrats, it is a response by the EPA to the dozens of civil rights
cases currently pending, and brought by communities around the country who
believe their civil rights are being violated. Harding's remarks in the
Detroit News and WJR, that this will "end development in Detroit" are
absurd, and total unsubstantiated. 

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