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E-M:/ Sign On to Sustainability!

Enviro-Mich message from "LeRoy Harvey" <uooffice@urbanoptions.org>

Express Your Voice and Vision for a Sustainable Future

A growing number of individuals, community groups, businesses, governments, churches, associations, and schools share a
common vision -- a vision where economic prosperity, equity, and environmental quality develop together.  The vision is
that we will meet the needs of all without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs as well.

You can play an important part in building this vision...

1)  Sign on to the bottom of this E-mail and forward a copy to one or more of their friends or E-mail list.  Every 10th
signator should return a copy of the growing list to uooffice@urbanoptions.org.

2)  Print a copy and use it as a template for your organization, business, school, community group, etc.  Have your
group sign on to its own version, then fax or send to:  The Green Team, c/o Urban Options, 405 Grove St., East Lansing,
MI  48823, Fax:  (517) 337-0437.

Call 888-999-MICH or E-mail us to get on the Green Team distribution list.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure
Decisions will involve a review of present and future costs and benefits. 

Nothing Stands Alone
We will consider the impacts our decisions have on the social and natural systems.  We will consider not only the local
impacts on our community, but also the regional and the global effects. 

Careful Waste Reduction
We will use of material, land, energy, and water with maximum care and efficiency.  Recycling will occur and
unnecessary waste will cease.  

Use of Renewable Resources and Recyclable Materials
Use of recycled, recyclable and surplus materials will be maximized.  We will actively seek to research, demonstrate,
and efficiently use local renewable energy, natural resources, and "waste" products ("close the loop").  

Environmental Stewardship
Community growth will enhance -- not destroy -- the natural environment, be sensitive to long-term interactions, and
minimize disturbances to other communities, species and natural systems. 

Community Economic Development
Development activities will support existing businesses, encourage new enterprise, recruit compatible business
opportunities, and enhance and support our local work force.

Encourage Diversity, Equity, and Individual Opportunity  
Natural, social, cultural, and economic diversity, equity, and opportunity will be encouraged.  Development will help
to improve community members' economic and educational status.  Activities which positively impact underserved members
of the community will be promoted.

Research and Education
Democratic, well-informed decision making will be pursued.  Educational institutions (teachers and students) will
participate in community problem-solving.  

Community Involvement in Planning and Development
Local and regional development and planning will be conducted in a spirit of collaboration with broad participation
from all sectors of the community and region.

We are committed to these principles, in pursuit of the community which will meet the needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Note:  Please add your name and organization (if appropriate) below and forward this message to interested individuals.
 Every 10th individual should also forward a copy to uooffice@urbanoption.org . Thank you!

1) Jack Rozdilsky, The Green Team
2) LeRoy Harvey, Urban Options

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