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E-M:/ Grand Rapids township wetlands

Enviro-Mich message from "Rosenthal, Linda" <Linda_Rosenthal@hermanmiller.com>

Hi, Folks:

Two things here, both related:

Do any of you know the answer to this question, which was posed to me by
an acquaintance:

"How many apps does the DEQ get annually form developers, and how many
does it approve vs deny??"

We are working on a local issue involving a significant wetlands located
within Grand Rapids township and connected to the Reeds/Fisk Lake
watershed.  Although I am not totally intimate with all details, the
township supervisor, the usual lack-of-vision suspect, believes that any
development is good development and says that there is "plenty of
greenspace" in the township.  A local retirement community wants to
purchase this land and is apparently acting as though the rezoning of
this property under a review of the township's master plan is a done
deal.  There will be a meeting of the GR township planning committee on
Tuesday, April 28th at 7:30 p.m at the township general office located
at 1836 E. Beltline NE, during which time the public can make comments.
You may call to confirm this at the office number: 616-361-7391.  Show
up at this meeting!  Many residents who live in the affected vicinity
don't even know what is going on and we believe that the township board
is convinced that they are pulling a pretty good fast one.  At one of
the meetings that I attended, the board went into closed session with no
explanation and considerable arrogance.  The GR Press reporter who
covers their meetings said that they do this constantly, in violation of
the open meetings act, but apparently this individual did not have the
guts to challenge them.

I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow, so any comments to me may not
receive immediate response, but I'll do my best and also forward them to
appropriate persons.

Thank you,
Linda Rosenthal
Grand Rapids

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